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Newcastle Knights’ captain Kurt Gidley described nailing a conversion from the sideline to snatch the win as a “goal kicker’s dream” after his team trailed the Melbourne Storm for the majority of Saturday's match. 

“I’m on a pretty big high at the moment,” the captain told Knights TV in the sheds after the game. 

“It was a tough game and we were behind a few times by a couple of tries, but we didn’t give up.

“We had plenty of desire and plenty of character to finish off like that and it was great to do it at home in front of our home fans."

Gidley described the process and emotion behind the high-pressure conversion.

“As a goal kicker, you just have to go through the same routine, that’s what I’ve always been taught,” he said.

“No matter where you kick from, make sure you go through the same routine. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re winning by 20, or you need to kick to win.

“I knew it was an important kick as I missed a couple earlier in the night so it was one that I had to get, I didn’t want to let the boys down.

“It was a pretty special moment, I think because we’ve had a tough year.

“There’ve been all sorts of distractions and some tough things to go through throughout the year."

After Gidley kicked the sideline conversion, he was immediately mobbed by his teammates.

“I think all our emotions spilled over at the end when we had the big group hug," he said with a smile.

“I was at the bottom of it and it didn’t feel heavy, it felt good."

The NRL win topped off a great day for the Club, with all three grades winning at Hunter Stadium on Saturday.

“It’s a pretty special moment for our fans and everyone who played today,” Gidley said.

“To turn up and work hard and get the result, it’s a proud day for the Club and our fans."