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Beau Scott has described the decision to extend his contract with the Newcastle Knights until 2017 as an easy one.

“I’ve enjoyed my time up here, Newcastle is a very passionate football town and that’s what I like about the place,” he told the media at a press conference on Wednesday at Wests Mayfield.

“I’m happy to continue my football career here, and if all goes according to plan, I hope to finish it here as well."

An impelling reason to re-sign for the 30-year-old was the fact he knows the playing group well and understands its strengths and potential. 

“I’ve enjoyed the last two years that I’ve been with the group itself and I know what we can produce on the field,” Scott said.

“So down the track I look forward to that." 

With the team yet to learn who will replace Wayne Bennett as coach at season's end, Scott confirmed the appointment didn’t influence his decision to re-sign.

“We’re still in the dark about that, but we have the people at the Club that make the right decisions on our behalf, so what ever gets announced, I fully support who ever it is," he said. 

“At the end of the day I’ve enjoyed my time here and look forward to the years to come.”

He also assured the appointment of a new head coach was not a topic spoken about by the players.

“There’s no point talking about something we don’t know anything about,” he added.

Often described as a man who leads by example and actions, not words, the NSW and country Origin rep looks forward to the opportunity to mentor and watch the Club’s emerging talent grow. 

“In the playing group there’s a fair few young fella’s and I’m excited about their future and the pre-season to come," he said. 

“I guess I’ve been around first grade football for a few years now, so if I can pass on a little bit of knowledge to the kids coming through, hopefully they can have a long and successful career.

“I guess I like to show how things are done, than to tell how they’re done."

The Knights prepare to face the Melbourne Storm this Sunday at Hunter Stadium. 

“Melbourne has been a consistent team over the last 10 years," Scott said. 

“They turn up every week to play football, and if you don’t, you get beaten by them.

“The boys had a strong session today, so there’s nothing else to do than to get on with the job and that’s Melbourne on Saturday."

When questioned about possible animosity held against Melbourne, or Jordan McLean after the teams’ Round 3 clash in which Alex McKinnon was injured, Scott assured the re-match is a non-issue for the Knights.

“We haven’t given it any time at all to tell you the truth,” he said. 

“It’s just another game of football against Melbourne. 

“It wasn’t a very nice thing that happened in Melbourne with Alex and we all know about that, and we’ve all moved on so it’s just another game of football.

“It’s been a non-issue for us.”

Scott explained the team is motivated to finish the season well, something that starts with a strong effort on Saturday afternoon.

“It’s been a difficult season all along," the 30-year old said.

“We want to finish the season in a strong way, and the next five games we need to really step up.”