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Newcastle Knights forward Adam Cuthbertson is looking forward to getting to Cairns to take on the second-placed South Sydney Rabbitohs.

The Knights have won four from their last five games, but backing up from last week's win over the Sydney Roosters is the focus.

“It was a great win and was very enjoyable playing on the weekend,” Cuthbertson said after training on Thursday.

“The best thing we can do from there is bounce back with another win and enjoy ourselves in Cairns.

“It’s a similar game scenario, they have big forwards at the Roosters and they definitely have big forwards at the Rabbitohs too.

“It’s sort of a similar tactic going in."

Cuthbertson has enjoyed time back on the paddock after sitting out for several weeks because of a knee injury.

“It’s been a bit slow for me so far because I’m not getting as involved in the game as I’d like to,” he admitted.

“I think that was just a matter of getting a few games under the belt and some match fitness.

“It probably didn’t help that I ended up a right edge on the weekend and couldn’t get in as much as I would have liked on the weekend.

“I’m feeling 100 per cent better than the first week I turned up.”

Cuthbertson is set to leave the Knights at the end of the season after signing a four-year deal with English Super League club Leeds Rhinos but remains focussed on making the most of season 2014.

“I’m not really trying to count the games down," he added.

“I’m just trying to enjoy every one week by week and just really enjoy the moment.

“It was a good start last week to start doing so, so if I can get six more of those out before I leave, that will be great.

“I’m just trying to enjoy it for now and save the sadness for at the end of the year when I leave the boys.”

The Knights arrive in Cairns on Friday and will hold an open training session on Saturday morning, from 10am at Barlow Park.