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Strike centre Dane Gagai has credited buying into coach Wayne Bennett's plan as the key to the Knights' recent run of success.

The men in red and blue lost seven straight games mid-season, but have rediscovered their match-winning spark on the back of three consecutive victories.   

Gagai says this turnaround can be attributed to the team finally executing what they've talked about at training all year.        

"We’ve just been playing to our game plan and everyone has bought into what we’ve been doing at training," Gagai admits.

"We’ve just been working hard for each other and we don’t plan on stopping now.

"There is still seven rounds of the season to go, so we’ll just take it game-by-game and keep turning up for each other."  

Gagai admits he was faced with mixed emotions while watching inspirational injured teammate Alex McKinnon speak in front of a packed room of press on Monday morning. 

He says one part of him was almost reduced to tears at the sight of his injured friend, while the other part was proud knowing how courageous and spirited he has been throughout his recovery.   

"Every time I see him, I always get a bit emotional, but it’s mainly joy because it’s always good seeing the big fella," he says. 

"It’s always good seeing Alex. The way he handled himself was no surprise, because he is a mature young man.

"I’m always proud of Macca, especially from day dot when he suffered his injury.

"The way he has just taken everything in his stride. I just can’t even imagine how I’d be in that situation.

"But I can tell you he’d handle it a lot better than most people. That’s just the way that Macca is and just the type of bloke he is.

"He has always been hard working, so it’s no surprise to see him working hard to get back on his feet."