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Darius Boyd never gives much away but Korbin Sims reckons you always know when he’s ready to perform.

That’s very much the feeling Sims got at training on Thursday, when the normally reserved Boyd significantly ramped up his enthusiasm levels.

According to Sims it's a sign that the Knights' star fullback is set to fire in his 200th NRL game against the Wests Tigers at Hunter Stadium on Sunday. 

"He doesn’t give much away old Darbs but he is one of those players that when he is on, he is on," Sims says. 

"And you know he is going to be on.

"He was like that at training today. He had a really good training session.

"Obviously he had a couple of issues coming back from Origin with an injury last week.

"But I’m sure he’ll rise up for his 200th NRL game.

"Personally I can’t wait for it and I’m looking forward to running out with him this weekend.

"Hopefully he has a big game as well."

Sims says Boyd's effort to play 200 NRL games is a huge effort and one that can't be underestimated.    

"It’s a massive honour," he enthuses.

"Playing 200 games in the NRL alone is a massive achievement.

"Darbs has been around for a long time and he has won premierships.

"He is a great player on the field and he is a great person off the field.

"All the media stuff and flack that he cops is probably just water off a duck's back to him.

"So I’m looking forward to him coming out and proving everyone wrong."

Sims, meanwhile, says the Knights refuse to give up on playing in the finals this season despite their disappointing record so far this season.

"It’s only halfway through the season this weekend, so we’ve got a long road ahead of us," he maintains.

"We’ve had a hard journey, but that’s behind us now so we are looking forward to the future.

"That starts this weekend against the Tigers.

"This is going to be the kick-start game of our season and we just need to push forward and we can’t look at what’s happened and how many games we’ve lost now.

"We’ve just got to start again and we’ve got to start this weekend."

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