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Robbie Rochow has never been one to sugarcoat things.

As a passionate bloke who always tells it how it is in an honest fashion, Rochow has a simple message for his teammates in the wake of their gutsy loss to the Bulldogs.

“We’ve got to play like that every week,” Rochow says frankly.

"It’s really disappointing to feel like we were the better side and to play so well, but we fell short.

“But Wayne was happy with our performance. It’s not a good feeling to lose, but he wasn’t disappointed in us.

“So it’s our challenge to play like that every week.”

The Knights didn't get the two competition points against Canterbury, but they showed enormous courage in defeat.

In fact, they led the game for much of the second half and only lost after a late Bulldogs try.

Rochow has no doubts his team are improving every week, especially in defence.   

"Yeah definitely on our edge on the left side and just working together as a team," he says.

"We also need to keep compressed in the middle because that’s where teams have been getting us the last few weeks.

"So if we play compressed and tight we’ll play a lot better."

When it comes to performing, Rochow was extremely strong against the Bulldogs last Saturday.

The Maitland-born forward played 80 minutes, made 33 tackles, 78 metres, four tackle breaks and scored a brilliant second half try.

Asked about his strong try, Rochow admits he didn't realise the ball was coming his way after halfback Tyrone Roberts delivered a freakish flick pass. 

"Tyrone called it to drop under and then he threw it blind, so I didn’t see the ball," he explains.

"But then I caught it and I was in a bit of space and scored.

"Someone’s head or something hit me in the head as I scored, so I was a bit stunned.

"So it took me a little bit to celebrate, but any tries I get I’m stocked."

Rochow, meanwhile, said it was great to see injured teammate Alex McKinnon turn up to ANZ Stadium to watch the team play the Bulldogs. 

"Any chance that we get to see Alex and Alex get to see us is good for him and us," he says.

"It’s a real lift for us every time we see him and the improvement in him.

"So we really wanted to play well for him."

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