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Sitting in his drawers at home, Jarrod Mullen has a pile of notebooks filled with tips from an Immortal that he has kept private for 11 years.

The notebooks are loaded with information and tips from Mullen's special "tutoring" sessions with champion halfback Andrew Johns when he was coming through the grades as a 16-year-old.

The Knights five-eighth has regularly called upon the notepads for inspiration over the years, but always kept the content a secret.

Until now.

After signing for a further four seasons on Wednesday, Mullen says the time has come to share his 'Joey Files' with the Club's next generation of stars.    

The Singleton-born playmaker admits helping mentor rising talents like Jake Mamo and Sione Mata’utia was a major reason behind his decision to commit to Newcastle until the end of the 2018 season.

It's why Mullen now feels compelled to use his secret notepads to give the Club's junior ranks an insight into how to perform at the highest level.   

"I’ve still got that book at home, but I've never really shown anyone," Mullen reveals.  

"I think only my mum and dad have seen it.

"I’ve sort of kept it to myself, but as I get older now I suppose I’ve got to pass the baton down to the younger ages and help them out.

"I still look at it every now and then.

"Obviously the game plan and that has changed and there are different skill sets, but it’s a spinout just to look back.

"I was 16 at the time and for Joey to ring me up and say he wanted to do private sessions, I just wrote down as much as I could.

"Because I knew I had to learn as much about football as I could at that age as possible.

"To look back now, a lot of the stuff is still relevant in today’s game."

It only seems like yesterday that Mullen was in the juniors and looking up to senior player like Johns, Danny Buderus and Matt Gidley. 

Flash forward over a decade and he is now that seasoned campaigner who has the power to influence his younger peers.    

"There are some great kids coming through," he enthuses. 

"There is a young fullback in Matty Cooper who is playing some great footy in the 16s.

"We've also got Jake Mamo coming through in the 20s and Sione Mata'utia is going to be something special in years to come, so to play with players like that at the top grade is very exciting for Newcastle.

"For the next four years hopefully we can build something special here at the Knights."

Mullen says he wouldn't be the player he is today without those insightful sessions with Johns.

"Oh big time and especially early on Joey helped me and definitely taught me a lot of skill sets," he says.

"It’s just a spin out to grow up watching Joey and for him to pull me aside and do sessions with me.

"It’s a dream come true I suppose." 

It's a dream Mullen now wants the Club's next generation of stars to believe they can also achieve.