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They’ve opened the season with consecutive wins over last year’s grand finalists, but the Knights' NYC team refuses to get carried away.

In many ways that’s what happens when you haven't qualified for the finals for the past two seasons.

So as much as the Knights are happy with victories over the Panthers and Raiders, the side also knows they have plenty of work ahead of them before they reach the big stage of finals football.    

Just ask coach Mick Crawley, who has challenged his side to maintain their strong form when they take on the Storm in Melbourne on Monday. 

"It's a learning curve for the players as well as the coaching group," Crawley tells Knights TV. 

"We are sort of getting a feel for what everyone can do. It's good signs that they are learning from each other that they can hang in when things are probably going against us a little bit.

"But it's only round two and there is a long way to go."  

Asked how his ticker was after his team's thrilling 34-28 victory over Canberra, Crawley laughed and admitted he was used to heart-stopping matches. 

"Ah you get used to it coaching NYC," he grinned.

"Last year those results went against us, so it was good to get one that went down to the wire." 

Crawley admits he wasn't surprised with Jake Mamo's freakish chip-and-chase effort to score on the buzzer. 

"I was actually hoping he'd try and chip over the top," he reveals. 

"I thought well I won't get the message to him that fast, so maybe we were on the same wave length.

"I was really happy for him, because it wasn't his best game by his standards, so it was good for him to get a result at the backend of the game."

Halfback Jaelen Feeney was equally amazed by Mamo's try at the death.  

In fact, Feeney concedes he had no idea his fullback would pull out a chip-and-chase with just second’s left on the clock.

"I was a bit weary at the end of the game, but coming into the last minute we ended up getting the ball with 10 seconds to go," Feeney says.

"For him to put a chip and a chase up, no one expected that at all.

"So the level of excitement I have right now is unbelievable."

Feeney was one of the Knights' best performers at halfback, but he believes he still has a heap of improvement left in him.

"We were a bit sloppy with a lot of drop balls, but we managed to get the win in the end," he says.    

"I'm definitely happy with two wins to start the season against the two top teams from last year.

"My form is getting there, but I'm still working with the team and we've got a lot to work on.

"The feeling around the locker room is great at the moment and the boys are all happy and hyped.

"Hopefully we can build from there."