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I’ve always been interested in the big business behind the football team.


I see communicating with people as one of my strengths, so I was more than happy to get involved.


I’ve got a huge amount of respect for those in the business world and how they run business, so I'm really enjoying helping out the Club's Corporate team.


They work so hard in the real world and that was emphasised to me when I started working in the Knights' office.


Our guys are out chasing the opportunity for people to get involved on a corporate level and it's great to see the enjoyment our clients get from feeling part of the team.


I’m not saying you’re sheltered when you are a rugby league player, because you know that the other working world does go on, but I just know there is a lot to learn in life.


It’s why I’m excited to be a part of the corporate side and meeting new people and understanding how they work.


My job is to maintain relationships, build relationships and to keep them happy really.


It’s also to make sure they are feeling part of the team, like we want the whole community to be.


Our major stakeholders are a huge part of what we do.


Just like our players train hard, these stakeholders also work hard day-in and day-out.


So for those guys to be a part of our team is tremendous.


I’ve been going out and visiting clients with the Club's Corporate Sales Manager Mel Doran.


Mel is going on maternity leave soon, so I’m going to take over some of her client base.


So I’m excited for that, but obviously when she comes back all the clients are hers (laughs)


All the hard work has been done by Mel, so I’ve just got to keep them happy now.


It's always great getting out and talking to people, but I haven't been nervous because a lot of the businesses I'm visiting I've seen their faces around before.


So it’s just about having a chat to them about footy first, then life and at the end where the Knights are heading.


They are all passionate Knights fans at the end of the day, just like me, so we hit it off straight away.


Footy also gives you a lot of good qualities with discipline, routine and structure.


I love that part about footy, so when I do go out talking to clients I know what I’ve got to do and what I’ve got to tick off.


So a lot of those good qualities from footy can roll into the business side of the Club.


The Club is heading in a great direction and the opportunities for customers and businesses to be involved at a corporate level.


So it’s about providing what they want and what’s best for their staff and clients so they have a good day out at the footy.


It's also about hopefully cheering home a Knights side that is playing well, because that’s what they want as well.


So there are plenty of skills to learn and that’s why I’m so excited to pick them up instead of just running around on the footy field.