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Korbin Sims wants to set the record straight.


It’s something that has been on his chest for quite a while, but only now is he ready to tell us his real thoughts.


You see, Sims chose to align himself with Queensland from a young age and he is extremely content and proud of his decision.


So while the emerging Knights' forward was born in Gerringong on the NSW South Coast, he is now very much a loyal Maroon.


In fact, he wants to tell us all about the benefits of the Queensland system and why it will make him a better player for Newcastle in 2014.


"I’m very comfortable with my decision to play for Queensland," Sims tells Knights TV.


"It’s a tough one to get your head around if you don’t know what it was about.


"I moved up to there when I was 16, started playing some good footy and got chosen for a few rep sides.


"The rule was where you play your first senior football is where you could choose to align yourself.


"So I picked Queensland because I enjoyed the setup and the bond and started playing senior footy up there and it has been the best choice for me so far.


"I’ve had a lot of criticism, even from my brothers, but I chose Queensland for a reason and I’m going to stick with it and never go back on my word."


Sims attended his first senior Emerging Queensland Origin camp in Brisbane last month and was blown away by the team camaraderie and spirit.


The 22-year-old says he learnt plenty about team unity, qualities he is now looking to pass on at the Knights this season.


"It was awesome," he enthuses.


"We spent two days up in Queensland doing some team building skills and we ran through some obstacle courses at the army barracks.


"It taught us to get closer as a group and work more as a unit.


"That was my first emerging Queensland squad, so it was awesome to get that feel around the camp.


"Everyone is on the same page, no one was laring up and it was just great to be there and one of the boys.


"I learnt a lot about team from the bonding sessions that we had.


"I’ve been through a couple of Queensland rep sides now and that bond just gets stronger and stronger every year that we get together.


"That’s just one of the biggest things that we drive in Queensland, that if we all put our best foot forward then everyone is going to be on the same page."


Back to the Knights and Sims' first opportunity in 2014 will be the Club's opening trial match against the First Nation Goannas at Hunter Stadium this Saturday night.


He has been selected to start in the front-row alongside Zane Tetevano and can't wait to impress coach Wayne Bennett.


After playing 12 NRL games off the bench last season, Sims is itching to play more consistently this season and cement a starting position.


"I got a couple of games under my belt last year and I was very fortunate for Wayne to give me," says Sims, who starred for Fiji at the World Cup alongside his two brothers Ashton and Tariq.


"Since I’ve had that taste of first grade, I’ve never wanted anything else.


"I’ve worked hard to try and get back into the team after having a couple of weeks out and then getting put back to reserve grade.


"You just strive to get back into the team and that’s what I’m going to be building on in 2014 and hopefully trying to cement my spot in the 17.


"I want to show Wayne and the Queensland selectors that I’m a serious player and I want to represent my club and Queensland as best as I can."