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It’s 4am in the morning and most people are tucked away in the comfort of their beds.


Most people, that is, but Knights NYC recruit Jaelen Feeney.


Instead of using those wee hours to catch a bit of extra sleep, Feeney is up and travelling over two hours just to get to work detailing cars at F3 Motor Auctions in Beresfield.


It’s a long day that starts with a train trip, two bus rides, a full day of toil, before a return ride home and finishing off with a full-on training session.


Welcome to Feeney’s world, a ritual that has taught the talented half all about discipline and dedication - qualities which will see him go a long way in the NRL.


"I’ve been getting up at 4am to get the train at 4.40am to start work by 6am," Feeney explains.


"Then I work all day and go straight to training, but it’s alright.


"It can be pretty hard washing the same cars over and over, especially if you get a dirty car it takes a while to clean.


"It helps me with my footy though.


"I’m committed to work and footy and I’m prepared to put the hours into both, because I’m happy to work hard to get what I want to achieve."


It's an attitude that hasn't gone unnoticed by the coaching staff at the Knights, who are highly impressed with Feeney's application at both work and training.


NYC manager Craig Smith says the former Bulldogs halfback has done everything asked of him and is destined for a big future in the game.


"Anyone who is disciplined enough to get themselves up and to work, which at this stage requires two bus trips and a train trip, well they are definitely committed to work," Smith says.


"His work gets a good day out of him and then he gets to us in the afternoon and he shows that same commitment.


"And he has taught himself a lot along the way about that self-discipline of being able to do it."


Prior to linking with Newcastle, Feeney was the main man for a Dogs side that finished in the top four.


It begs the question, why link with a Knights side that finished 12th last season?


"It was just the opportunity I guess," he says.


"There are better surroundings here, because I’m originally from the Gold Coast.


"So it’s great to come to a nice sunny place, near the beach.


"Getting out of the city life of Sydney was a good chance and to be under Wayne Bennett, well it was a great opportunity for me to come here.


"The Club may have finished outside the finals last year, but we want to progress forward and I’m looking to play my more finals footy and hopefully I can help the team get there."


Smith has no doubts Feeney has all the attributes to fulfil that goal help guide the Knights to the finals and potentially beyond.


"Jaelen’s got the luxury I guess of being in the second year of the NYC system," he says.


"He came through Canterbury last year and comes to our club with I guess from our point of view, expectations on his shoulders.


"We knew what we were getting or we hoped we knew what we were getting and that’s why we’ve brought him into our system.


"Everything about Jaelen has been on the up and up as such a positive.


"His commitment to both fitting into Newcastle and fitting into his new team has been second-to-none."


Feeney was rewarded for his form recently when he was selected in the Emerging Queensland side.


He will go into camp for a week from January 23 under the guidance of Knights coach Wayne Bennett and newly appointed halves coach Kevin Walters.


"I’m rapt to make that side," he says.


"I didn’t know if I was going to make it, so I was happy to get the call.


"Hopefully I can make the under 20s side to play against NSW halfway through the season."


Feeney may be destined to succeed in the game, but Smith and the coaching staff at the Knights aren't getting too carried away just yet.


“The games will let us know how excited we get, but he is giving himself every opportunity,” Smith stresses.


“The more we challenge him, the more he takes on board.


“Even the other day we did testing in the gym and his strength has increased, so everything is headed in the right direction for Jaelen.”


Exactly what you'd expect from a bloke who rises at 4am most mornings and travels over two-and-a-half hours just to get to work.