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Its training time at Knights HQ and the squad are being put through their paces in the punishing summer sun.

Everyone, that is, but forward Adam Cuthbertson.

Removed from the group in the back corner of the field, Cuthbertson is tentatively running in a straight line.

Slowly striding out over a distance of approximately 200 metres, he then repeats the circuit over and over again for a solid 30 minutes.

Welcome to the world of recovery for an NRL footballer, the long and arduous process of coming back from injury.

Sounds like torture doesnt it?

Well as tedious as this can be, Cuthbertson reckons its nowhere near as bad as the pain of missing out on last years finals due to a groin injury.

Its why the forward has vowed to push through pre-season slog to come back fitter and stronger next season.

"It was devastating missing out on the finals," Cuthbertson tells Knights TV.

"You put in all that work during the season and then you get an injury in one game and it ends your year.

"It was great watching the boys make their run in the finals from the sidelines, but it was heartbreaking not to be out there and a part of it.

"Some of those moments in the semi-finals put chills down the back of your spine, seeing how well we ended the year and really progressed as a team.

"That run through the semis is all the motivation I need.

"Now I just want to get back on the paddock and get back in that position in the finals."

Cuthbertson tore his groin in the Knights' last-second victory over the Sharks in round 22 last season.

He was originally hopeful of recovering in time for the finals, but pushed himself too hard at training the following week and ended up hurting his groin again.

"I did everything possible to get back for the semis," he says.

"I just told myself I could do anything possible to get back and I ended up breaking myself because I pushed myself so hard.

"So that just gives you an idea of the sort of motivation it gives you.

"Id been pretty good with injuries up until last year, so hopefully thats just a once off.

"But Im just taking it real nice and slow at the moment, because I dont want to rush it and force myself back on the sidelines."

Cuthbertson has been completing some of his recovery with fellow forward Willie Mason.

The 28-year-old says Mason has helped him get through the tough times at training with his support and colourful banter.

"Its good having someone like Mase, because I talk a fair bit and he talks a fair bit," he grins.

"We are always chatting each others ears off doing the running and that.

"Rehab can get a bit boring with some basic stuff.

"You're also not with the entire team, so at least Ive got someone to keep me company."

Cuthbertson may have missed out on the Knights' magical run to the finals, but he insists he still got plenty of inspiration from the sidelines.

"From a players perspective, watching all the locals and Newcastle fans all around Australia get behind us, was just awesome," he says.

"By the time that last semi-final came around, I remember walking down the tunnel just watch the 20s play and I couldnt believe the roar and the amount of numbers we had at that the game.

"It should have been their (the Roosters) semi, but I reckon we had the majority of the crowd.

"It was great to see and hopefully we can get those sorts of numbers, not just turning out for semis, but also turning up for our home games."