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Knights fans get excited for some fast and furious Rugby League.

Thats the message from prop Willie Mason in the wake of the release of the tournament rules for the inaugural NRL Auckland Nines next February.

The brains trust behind the tournament has introduced five-point tries and a new Golden Try in extra-time.

The Dick Smith NRL Auckland Nines will see all 16 NRL clubs compete for $2.6 million in prize-money in New Zealands biggest summer event.

Thirty-one matches will be played over two days and Mason believes matches will showcase some of the most entertaining footy you've ever seen.

I think the rule changes are great," Mason says.

Obviously with the shortened version of the game, its a but like Twenty20 cricket where they have to change the rules to make the game exciting for the fans.

All the rules that they are coming up with are fantastic and its all for the players and the spectators.

The game is going to be flat out and fast and thats what everyone wants to see."

Mason believes Newcastle are well-equipped to excel at the Nines, pinpointing speedsters like Akuila Uate as a real advantage for the Club.

"I think weve got a great Nines side, pending on how fit people are and what side Wayne (Bennett) wants to pick," he says.

"But you have a look at our backline and weve got a couple of Fijians out there who are outstanding.

"It will be excitng.

Traditionalists will be pleased that the tournament will be conducted in accordance with 'Rugby League Laws of the Game International Level with Notes on the Laws' approved by the Australian Rugby League Commission in February.

But the Auckland event has a number of specific and exciting modifications.

Arguably the most exciting is the introduction of a five point try - a change which is designed to reward teams for attacking play.

The five pointer can only be scored in the 'Bonus Zone' located in the in-goal area between the goal posts at each end. All other tries scored outside the 'Bonus Zone' will remain as four pointers.

"The idea of the 5 point try is an exciting new concept," said Nathan McGuirk, the NRL General Manager, Football Operations. "It will reward the attacking team who will be looking to pick up the extra point by scoring in the 'Bonus Zone' area.

"At the same time it offers a good incentive for the defending team to keep chasing the player with the ball and try to prevent him from scoring in the 'Bonus Zone'.

In the event of a match ending in a draw after regular time - games will be played over two nine minute halves - the winner will be the team who scores a 'Golden Try' in extra time.

In the qualifying round matches, the duration of the extra time will not exceed five minutes. If no 'Golden Try' has been scored to end the game, the match will be deemed a draw and competition points will be awarded accordingly.

In the finals, the match will continue until a try is scored - the usual modes of scoring (field-goals and penalty goals will carry no points value during the "extra time - Golden Try" period.

"The concept of the extra time 'Golden Try' should also prove exciting for the players and fans alike," McGuirk said.

Other rules changes for the Dick Smith NRL Auckland Nines include:

*Goal-kicks will not feature in the tournament with dropkicks taken in line from where the try was scored worth two points. Penalty dropkicks will be worth two points with a field goal in general play remaining at one point.

*Scrums will consist of five players from each team and will only be used in the event of a double knock-on or mutual infringement.

*In the event of a successful 40/20 kick, play will recommence with a tap re-start to the kicking team, 20 metres in from where the ball crossed the touch line.

*Matches will be re-started by the scoring team through a drop kick off.

*Referees will have the power to send players to the sin-bin for five minutes for foul play.

Meanwhile, the draw for the inaugural Dick Smith NRL Nines has been announced.

The pools for the tournament at Eden Park on February 15 and 16 are:

*(YELLOW) Warriors, Raiders, Sea Eagles and Cowboys

*(GREEN) Roosters, Eels, Broncos, Bulldogs

*(BLUE) Sharks, Knights, Tigers and Titans

*(RED) Storm, Panthers, Rabbitohs and Dragons

The Knights will open the tournament on February 15 against the Sharks.

Stay tuned to the Club website for all the news and updates on the Dick Smith NRL Auckland Nines.