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Donation Requests

The nib Newcastle Knights' commitment to the region is reflected through our strong community ties with our charity partners, support of many worthwhile causes, our relationships with local junior sporting clubs and our extensive community engagement programs.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the Knights strive to influence its community for the better. Requests for assistance are welcomed and each request will be assessed individually, however as much as the Knights would love to be able to support all of the great causes in the community, unfortunately not every donation or request can be approved.

Preference will always be given to rugby league Clubs, schools that are involved in rugby league, local community and/or charity groups and not for profit organisations, football associated events and Knights members.

All applications for donations need to meet the following criteria before being considered:

- Applications need to be in writing and received at least four (4) weeks prior to the requested date

- Applications must use the appropriate Donation Request Form and be submitted according to the instructions provided with this form, and include any required attachments or supporting documentation.

- Schools must provide documentation as to their support or involvement in Rugby League

- Individuals must provide documentation as to their support or involvement in Rugby League

- The Knights receive many applications from those who have fallen on hard times, whilst the Knights will try to assist, the relationship of the individuals with Rugby League and the Knights will be a consideration when assessing the application. Please note, priority will always be given to individuals who are Knights members.

- Every application must be accompanied by a Knights Donation Request Form which can be downloaded from this page

In addition, the following information MUST also be included in the application if fundraising via an event is being sought:

- What the organisation does for the Community
- Date, time and location
- What the raised funds will be used for
- How the event is being promoted
- A contact person and contact number
- Where an approved item may be sent

We will endeavour to respond to your request within 14 days however please note, we receive many requests for support and we appreciate your patience during this process.

Once your request has been assessed by our community relations team, you will receive a response in writing prior to the event indicating whether your request has been successful or not. Follow up phone calls, letters or emails will not be accepted.

Only one donation request per organisation per year will be considered so donations are shared among various charities and Knights must be advised of the event’s success and funds raised.

Donated merchandise must only be used for the purpose on the application. Donation merchandise is not to be used for online auctions or personal gain.

Download the donations request form here

Requests can be submitted by email to or mailed to:

Community Relations Department
Newcastle Knights
PO Box 152