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Life Members

The ultimate acknowledgement to anyone involved with the Newcastle Knights is Life Membership of the Club - whether as a player, captain, coach, support staff or Member.

The following list comprises of every Life Member since 1988:

Newcastle Knights Life Members

Neville Allan
Allan Bell
Wal Bentley*
Danny Buderus
Tony Butterfield
Laurie Clifton
Gerry Edser*
Peter Fairleigh




Kurt Gidley
Matt Gidley
Marc Glanville
Michael Hagan
Neil Halpin
Bob Hancock
Graham Hardes*
Paul Harragon
Michael Hill
Chris Houston
Mark Hughes
Brian Jack
Andrew Johns
Matthew Johns
John Laut
Kevin Lynch
Adam MacDougall
Leigh Maughan
Robbie McCormack
Peter McGeoch
Allan McMahon*
James McManus
Jarrod Mullen
Robbie O'Davis
Bill Peden
Daniel Saifiti
Mark Sargent
John Shoobridge
Steve Simpson
Warren Smiles
Kevin Smith*
Sam Stewart
Rob Tew
John Thomas
David Turrel
Akuila Uate
Brian Warby*
Mark Wright