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NAME: Taylah

HOMETOWN: Newcastle

TENURE: 2 Years

OCCUPATION/EDUCATION: Disability Support Team Leader / Diploma in Community Services


What is most exciting about being a Red Energy Newcastle Knights Cheerleader?

The atmosphere of a game day made up of thousands of Novacastrian fans cheering on their beloved Knights and having the opportunity to perform in front of that crowd is an amazing experience.

What keeps you energised?

Exercising and our squad, the girls on our team and our coach motivate me to become better and fitter person. I am so grateful to be apart such a wonderful team!

How do you maintain your Game Day spark?

Every game taking a moment to realise where I am and appreciate how incredible it is to be apart of the Red Energy Newcastle Knights cheerleaders. Also meeting the Newcastle Knights fans in the Fan Zone. Really feeding of their excitement and energy.