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NAME: Savannah

HOMETOWN:  Newcastle




What is most exciting about being a Red Energy Newcastle Knights Cheerleader?

The most exciting thing about being a Red Energy Newcastle Knights Cheerleader is getting the opportunity to be involved in rugby league for my hometown club surrounded by loyal fans and amazing women who share the same passion in performing and making people smile on game day

What keeps you energised?

Nothing keeps me more energised than the feeling of stepping out on the field to perform in front of a packed Mcdonald Jones Stadium with up to 33,000 Newcastle fans. The adrenaline and excitement keeps me energised all season long.

How do you maintain your Game Day spark?

The fans always help me maintain my game day spark as they are always so excited, passionate and fun to be around. I love getting photos and speaking with fans and helping add to the whole game day experience. As a child the cheerleaders were the reason I attended games leading me to become so invested in the sport, so I hope I can inspire other young girls and boys to become passionate about the game and club too.