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Kick Off Program

The program aims to identify young people who are at risk of long term involvement with the criminal justice system and link them with a professional sportsperson as a mentor. The mentor will than provide guidance and support to the young person to reduce offending behaviour and promote pro-social attitudes. The program addresses such factors as boredom, low self-esteem, antisocial attitudes and education/employment, through the development of a pro-social relationship between the young person and the player. Through the involvement of participating stakeholders, a collaborative approach will be undertaken to identify and address any factors that are contributing to the young person’s antisocial behaviours and increase opportunities to divert the young person from further involvement with the criminal justice system.

The program is a collaborative effort between the Knights, NSW Children’s Court, NSW Youth Justice, Allambi Youth Services and The Salvation Army Employment Plus with financial support from nib foundation who have made an investment of $10,000.

Magistrate says Kick Off program ‘will change lives’

Healthy Kids Program (Assisting the John Hunter Children’s Hospital Weight Management Team)

The program is for children that are considered above a healthy weight. Families are educated over a 16 week period around what a healthy weight is and potential impacts for their children in being above a healthy weight plus the importance of physical activity. The Knights players role is to be a positive role model around healthy eating and to show the kids that exercise can be fun.