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Kids Zone

Welcome to the nib Newcastle Knights kids zone, brought to you by McDonald's!

This page will be updated regularly with new challenges, games and other fun activities, and is perfect for any young Knights fans in isolation!

Dot to dot

Join the dots to reveal the player.

There are four to choose from.

Download the first dot to dot by clicking here!

Download the second dot to dot by clicking here!

Download the third dot to dot by clicking here!

Download the fourth dot to dot by clicking here!


Can you lead Kalyn Ponga to the try line?

Click here to download the page!

Colour By Letter!

Lachlan Fitzgibbon coloured in this Knight for us, but he forgot to print it off in colour!

He needs your help to do it again, and has given you clues to help you get it exactly right!

A=Dark Blue, B=Red, C=Grey, D=Dark Green, E=Light Green and F=Light Blue!

Download the challenge here!

Mascot Maze!

Oh no! Our famous Knights Mascot has gotten lost in a maze!

Can you help him find his way out?

Download the challenge here!

Be Your Own Knight!

Ever wanted to know what you'd look like as a Newcastle Knight? Well, now you can!

All thanks to McDonalds and Lewis' Caricatures, you can draw your very own head onto our famous Newcastle Knights kit and look just like David Klemmer, Mitchell Pearce, Kalyn Ponga or Connor Watson!

Simply download the sheet via the link below, or if you're no good at drawing, have a go at the colouring in!

Download the sheets here!

McDonald’s and Knights Easter Poster Competition!

Congratulations to Ella Dabelstein, Liam Dart and Amelia Pilgrim who entered the most colorful and creative Knights Easter Posters. 

You are our three lucky winners selected by members of our Knights NRL squad and have won Easter Prize packs all thanks to McDonald’s Newcastle and Hunter Restaurants.

Download the colouring sheets here!

View the full Terms and Conditions here.


Got a big family staying safe at home? Have a go at this!

All you need is a pen, some paper and two or more players.

It's so much fun, we're pretty sure we saw Hymel Hunt and Edrick Lee have a go after training one day!

Click here to download the challenge!

Who Am I??

Woah! The Knights boys have adopted a secret identity!

Can you figure out who is who based off these special clues?

Give it a go below!

Click here to download the challenge!

Wash your hands with the Knights

Maintaining good hygiene has never been more important.

Whenever you are going to the bathroom or have been playing outside, it's important you wash your hands.

Now, you can wash your hands while singing our team song.

Just play the video below whenever you turn on the tap.

Wash your hands with D-Saf and Kingy!


We win, we win, we win, the Knights we are supreme.

We got the points again today, we never ever give in.

The forwards on the boil, the backs they are a dream.

We are the greatest football team that you will ever see, hey!

Knights Isolation Game! 

How are you spending your self-isolation?

Newcastle Knights Scoreboard Challenge!

Can you answer all the questions correctly?

The boys have kicked off their games, but they need your help to figure out what the score is!

Use your maths skills to add together the tries, goals and field goals to work out what the score is in our games.

Keep in mind, a try is worth four points, a goal is worth two points, and a field goal is worth one point!

Click here to download the challenge!

Newcastle Knights Trivia!

How much do you know about the Newcastle Knights?

The boys have delved into the Knights archives and want to know how big a fan you are!

Do your best to answer all the questions correctly (and no cheating!)

Click here to download the challenge!


Uh-oh! Kalyn Ponga and co. need your help!

The boys have been given this find-a-word and they can't find any words!

Can you find every word?

Click here to download the challenge! 

Knights Media Backdrop Fun!

Want to feel like our Coach Adam O'Brien after a game?

The man himself has given you permission to use our Media Backdrop, so download it below and record yourself in front of it for fun!

Download the backdrop here!